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Journals, Notebooks... Why Should You #my100dayjournal? For Your Sanity.

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Journaling is one of those habits you always hear about but maybe don't partake in. It's a habit of important people with important things to do in their lives. These journalers are so important that they actually have enough time just to journal things in their journals! We're always so busy, how do we find time to journal, anyway?

The important thing to remember about keeping a journal is to take the time to do it. All of the famous journal keepers we idolize (too many to count) made it a point in their lives, if not daily then at least consistently, to sit down and journal. 

If you're not already journaling, start. Like, right now.

let's go GIF by Ramsey Solutions

Join our #my100dayjournal campaign and encourage others, and be encouraged, to consistently keep a journal with us! In addition to great prizes, you will also develop an excellent, life-changing habit for years to come!

So why should you, me, your mother, and anybody else you care about, keep a journal?

Reason #1: "Mental Windshield Wipers"

This is why you need to journal. Numero uno, the reason of reasons, the big caboose (did I get that right?). Thanks to Tim Ferriss for detailing more about this in his blog post here.

A morning or evening journal is the best way to wipe off the emotions of the day.

Writing down all of those things in your life, the good, the bad, and the ugly, allows you to look at the world with a clearer set of eyes. You can cage your thoughts, set them aside, and view your life in an objective light. Like taking your cat to the vet, it's best to just cage it and find out if it's healthy or not. Otherwise, you need to deal with the crazy cat that is your mind.

 cat nuts crazy cat let me in GIF

Reason #2: Best Laid Plans

Not all of us are born planners. Me? A planned day goes something like this:

  • Wake up (idk when)
  • Poop (usually right after waking up)
  • ???
  • Profit? 
  • Sleep time

Let's add one more bullet point in there like this:

  • Journal for 15 minutes

Wow. Whadda difference. I can use that journal time to think about things. I can write about my dreams. Not the weird kind of dreams where I'm naked in front of my elementary schoolmates giving a presentation on fiscal year projections, but the kind of dreams that I can aspire to and achieve. The dreams I want to accomplish next year, next month, next week, or later tonight. I can make a mental road map, on paper, that creates a mental commitment to follow through. 

That's powerful.

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Totally shameless plug: our Stamp Bundle is awesome for planning. Check it out here.

 Reason #3: Mental Milestones

When you write about how your day went, it creates a kind of milestone. The brain is weird because we'll remember the big ones, but we'll also remember some of the small ones (like that one breakfast sandwich your dad made that was just like woah man I can't even). Over time, the middle-sized milestones fade away, eroded by the thousand grains of thought that run through your mind over time (wow I should write a blog... wait...). 

Committing some of the day-to-day moments into writing helps freeze that moment in time, and it's incredibly rewarding to look back and see where you were at a year ago. You can't do this without a journal!

"I couldn't wait for that band to come to town?!"

"I totally forgot I liked HIM/HER!"

"Nothing was more important than that test/presentation/interview at the time! Now I think back and..."

You get the idea. Reflecting on past events and the context of those events can reset your perspective. That's positive.

Reason #4: Handwriting and the Process

Typing is just so meh. I can hit 85 words per minute but do you think I'm actually considering those words while I'm smashing away?? No way, dawg.

funny cat GIF

The process of handwriting is not just good practice to improve your writing, but in our opinion, it's also a much more physical action than typing. This can improve your retention of things! Everybody learns and remembers differently. You might be a kinesthetic learner, which means physical processes help make things "stick" better. 

In that case, it's best you get journaling, buddy.

Vero Ruiz @Veroletters Instagram lettering account beautiful journal #my100dayjournal

Some people, like @veronicaletters, turn journaling into an art project. Follow along with our #my100dayjournal challenge and feel the benefits of journaling yourself!

 Reason #5: Think About What You've Done... And Will Do

 Journaling is a time for reflection, either on the past, the present, or the future. You can reflect any way that works for you, too. Don't let the fancy bujos, weekly spreads, and elaborate journal illustrations dissuade you from keeping a journal. 

You do you, man. That's all you can do.


Start Your Journal With #my100dayjournal

You can join us for a new social media CHALLENGE! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to participate in the #my100dayjournal and keep your journal for a consistent, life-changing experience. 

You can read the rules on our Facebook and Instagram pages, but basically, if you stick with the challenge for a little while, we're going to give you one of these awesome stamps FO' FREE, BABY!

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