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Artist x Pencil Box Collabs - Pies n' Prose

artist collab

For this blog post, we have invited Sarah from Pies n' Prose to write a guest blog. Sarah is an artist and baker who is a master of all things cozy, and you would know that just by checking out her Instagram or blog. Today we're getting a behind-the-scenes look at how Sarah makes her stickers, which are available in our bundles as well as on her own store here. Check it out!
Hi friends! It’s Sarah from Pies n’ Prose. Pies n’ Prose is a space I’ve created online to talk about some of my favorite things - books, food, art, and my journal. Especially decorating my journal! 
In today’s post, I’m going to tell you how I make my journal stickers for my online shop!
I’ll go through where I get my inspiration and designs from and how I turn my ideas into physical stickers. My method is how I like to make stickers, but it’s not the only way. This has been the best method for me so far! Let’s get right into it.

Stickers in their final form: on a journal page where they belong!

There are two things I think of before starting: What do I like to draw and will they work as stickers? They have to be ideas I will enjoy drawing and using in my own journal. I like drawing about cozy settings like in a coffee shop or at a campsite. So once I figure out a theme, I start brainstorming objects to doodle. Pinterest is a huge help here. I do a few quick searches, jot down a list of objects, then it’s time to draw.


I start with my bullet journal and a pencil. I roughly sketch all of the objects first, then take a minute to look at all of them. Not everything on the list will come out looking great, and I’m okay with that. I just cross out what I dislike and move forward with a few favorites. I grab my sketchpad to redraw. This is where the actual designs come from, so I make sure to take my time. After it’s drawn and inked, it’s time for the techy stuff.

Sitting and thinking of initial designs

I scan the doodle sheet and email it to my iPad. I pull out my Apple Pencil, open an app called Procreate, and get to work. Procreate is the best art app I've ever used. I use it to edit and color the doodles. Here is where I spend a huge chunk of time. It’s my favorite step. I brew a cup of coffee, play my favorite podcast, and tune out as I create. Once I've come to a happy place with the design, it’s ready to be exported.


I send the sheet to my computer for printing. I have this MASSIVE printer - a Canon Pro 100. It takes up half of my desk! But it’s so worth it - the colors come out exactly how I want it. Once they’ve been printed and I like how they look, I get them prepped for cutting.
Massive printer on my modest desk


I use a Cricut machine to cut the stickers. I set up the machine to know where my stickers are and it gently cuts around them. It makes the stickers easy to peel off from a sheet. It’s also lots of fun to watch that machine go!

Finishing Touches

I take a hand cutter and trim the stickers down into small, perfect-for-your-journal sheets. A corner cutter gives it a cute, rounded edge. They're finally finished and ready to be sent to a new owner! I like to package them in a cellophane slip with cardboard to keep them flat and clean. I also tape my business card down with my favorite washi tape to make things pretty.
Pies n' Prose stickers hot off the press!

I spend a lot of time on these sheets - they make me happy and I love sharing them. I try to show my authenticity through the whimsical design of my hand-drawn stickers. I hope this is helpful to those who want to make stickers, or fun for others who were curious about how I make mine! Thank you and bye! 
You can head over to my Instagram and blog for more behind the scenes, fun chats, and lots of stickers!
Thanks for joining us in our first Artist x Pencil Box collab. You can check out Sarah's awesome stickers as free pack-ins for any of our bundles
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