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Tracking Your Calories! A STICKY Story

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Things are tough sometimes. Life can get strange, everything can be a blur, and you often wonder...

"What the hell did I even eat today?"

That's one of the scariest questions you can ask yourself. There are things inside your body and you don't even remember putting them there! Granted, some foods are worse than others. Eating a 'nanner or two isn't so bad unless you also cover it with peanut butter and smash it between half a bag of Wonder Bread.

adam conover sandwich GIF by truTV’s Adam Ruins Everything

We've thought about this problem (Mother keeps telling us too much) and have found a solution.

Enter the Sticky Note

There are a lot of sticky notes out there. Like, a lot. When you look at all of them, it's almost as if there is no order. Chaos, your old friend, in sticky note form. Once you realize there is chaos in order, though, it becomes clear that there categories. Delicious categories.

Obviously, we're talking about food. Glorious, nourishing food. We plan our day around these foods and will write exactly what we eat on a couple of sticky notes over the course of the day, then keep it stored in a handy little notebook. You'll never forget what you had for breakfast again!

Here's a typical day of eating for a Pencil Boxer, in sticky note form.

Breakfast of Champions

We've all heard the hype about super foods, which supposedly make you feel better, stop you from aging, and cure bunions. That's why we're always going to start our day with one. The correct super food to eat is the tastiest one: guacamole. Guacamole comes from the avacado, but that's not really important. We won't tell anybody that we make 'guac a daily treat if you don't.

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Of course, your body needs more than just that. Gotta carb it up a little bit, right? Nothing beats a classic toast and egg combo, and maybe you can add a sausage or something in there as well. With a hefty chunk of butter spread across it. Hefty chunk is possibly understating it when you go through three sticks of butter a week.

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Lunch is Served

We know some people who like to skip lunch. Let's just get it out there: you shouldn't do that! Skipping a meal doesn't help you lose weight. Instead of eating air, try eating a banana! Packed with potassium, a banana can help curb your appetite and keep you going.

Powerful Banana Sticky Note HERE
The banana is a power food. Eat this puppy before class, before a workout, before library time - your fuel tank will be ready to cruise for hours.
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That's not all you should eat, though. What about veggies?

dog do not want GIF


healthy the office GIF

Ahem. Yes.. Now that you have accepted you should eat your veggies. Please start eating them.

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Don't tell anybody. We're still really hungry and our self-control is waning at this point in the day. It's time to cheat a little bit, but it's not cheating if you sticky not it up! Right? Right!?

It doesn't make you feel better in the end, really, but snacking down on something a bit sweet is just soooo satisfying.

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Dinner is Served

There ya go, the end of the day has already arrived and it's time for a little bit of din din! You don't want to fill up too much at this time, so try to keep it lean and don't over indulge with something that will make you too full (of regret). 

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Wait... You didn't actually think...? Woah, man. We're just going to take the dog out for a walk before eating dinner! What did you think??

Why don't you go get yourself some dinner, and if you liked this little blog, share it with your friends and tell them about The Pencil Box!

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