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About the Pencil Team

The Pencil Team is a group of stationery hunters looking for the best things around. We explore the vast stationery markets around the world (well, mostly just Asia, but that's pretty big!) and collect what we find for you.

How does it work?

We hunt for the best stationery items, including journals, sticky notes, washi tapes, pens, pencils and more, finding the most unique and best quality items around. Since we are first and foremost stationery addicts, we test the items ourselves and only make them available if they're up to spec!

Pencil Box choose your own items stationery bundle

Bundling the items together by theme or function makes it easier for us to ship them, and creates a stationery box full of synergy. We don't just throw random junk in a box, though: each bundle is made by you, with choices for different journal styles, pen colors, stickers, washi tapes, and more.

Your bundle is specially packed by the Pencil Team, with all of the stationery items you choose.

Pencil Team packing your bundles

Why do we do it?

Our goal is to offer unique stationery bundles for everybody who wants to start keeping a journal in one convenient package. We believe that keeping a journal (whether it's a diary, bullet journal, scrapbook, or anything else) is beneficial no matter your age, gender, or location, and we want more people to experience the positives that come from journaling.

If you think this is a goal worth working toward, join us on this journey! Follow us on Facebook or Instagram and get somebody involved who could use a productive habit like journaling in their life.