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What is The Pencil Box?

We are an amazing team of stationery hunters searching for the world's best products to bring to you. You can follow our latest finds on Instagram and Facebook, where we also organize giveaways and special deals!

Our mission: take back your screenless time! Write more! Create more!

What's in a bundle?

Only the latest diary, doodling, bujoing tools around!

Each bundle is a little different, but we always try to include a notebook, pens, sticky notes, washi tapes, and a pencil case.

All of the items in our bundles are curated by the Pencil Team and organized into themes. We know everybody is unique, so there are a few choices to make your bundle special to you. Once you make your choices, we'll pack your box just for you and send it to your home!

Why bundles?

By combining items into a bundle, the Pencil Team can do something amazing: give you value. Like, Crazy Value™. If you don't agree, don't hesitate to get in touch.

How long will shipping take?

You can expect to receive your bundle in two to three weeks. Why does it take a little while? Because we're just starting out! If you can be patient with us in the very beginning, we will make it worth the wait. 😉

More Questions?

We're always listening! Don't be afraid to email us ( and ask more questions, or get in touch on Instagram or Facebook!